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Phil Murphy preaches environmental justice, but some of his actions tell a different story
Melissa Miles of the Ironbound Community Corporation goes into why Newark has felt the effects of climate change at the 'Climates of Inequality' exhibit on Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2019.
Video and article by Danielle Parhizkara available here

The Newark Star Ledger recognizes Ironbound Community Corporation at our 50th Anniversary:

Activists Came to an N.J. Neighborhood 50 Years Ago. It Hasn’t Been the Same Since

"The scuttlebutt was that there were some strangers in a Newark neighborhood who were about to open an office in a storefront on Fleming Avenue.

Roger Leon, the current superintendent of Newark public schools, was 12 years old in the late 1980s, wondering how this group of folks, already known as the Ironbound Community Corporation, was going to help his Ironbound neighborhood. ... " 

10/ 24/ 2019

Natural Resources Defense Council recognizes ICC: Industry Surrounds Newark’s Ironbound Neighborhood—But These Residents Won’t Let It Define Them

"In the past few years, ICC and its allies have drummed up greater recognition of the Ironbound community’s environmental concerns. Science has been a critical tool for the group—currently, ICC is working with NRDC environmental justice and health science fellow Yukyan Lam to develop maps that assess how neighborhoods in the city compare in terms of pollution and its sources. The comparison also factors in socio-demographic characteristics that can make people more vulnerable to the effects of pollution, calculating a “cumulative impact” score for each census block group (an area with typically 600 to 3,000 inhabitants)." Photo Credit: Ryan Genualdi

04/ 01 / 2019

“Always uplift, never uproot.” That maxim was greeted with applause by the people who gathered in Trenton Wednesday to mark the release of “Thriving Cities: A New Urban Agenda”, a roadmap for strengthening New Jersey’s urban communities. The speaker was Joe Della Fave of the Ironbound Community Corporation, one in a long string of participants…

12/ 18 / 2018

LEAD CONCERNS FUEL FIGHT VS. INCINERATOR Residents say plant is source of another public health issue.Karen Yi For The Star-Ledger The mid-November snow whipped across their faces, piling on their hats and coats. But the kids were undeterred. “Newark is (at) risk right now. Our air is not good enough,” 12-year-old Al Tyquan Pickett said before…

12 / 10 / 2018