Early Head Start
Pre School

Head Start
1 New York Avenue
Newark, NJ 07105

Family Services

Environmental Justice

Community Development

Community Garden

317 Elm Street
Newark, NJ 07105


Family Services

Community Gardens
Environmental Justice

Neighborhood Projects
29 Cortland Street
Newark, NJ 07105

Financial Opportunity        Center

After School Programs

Adult Education 
Essex County College
Summer Arts
432 Lafayette Street
Newark, NJ 07105


Farmers Market

Community Festivals

377-385 Ferry  Street
Newark, NJ 07105


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ICC provides a host of “cradle to grave” programs and services to meet community needs, especially the needs of the most vulnerable among us.  In reaching 3,000 families annually, ICC’s many programs aim to:

  • Address unmet needs and service gaps, particularly for underserved individuals and families

  • Support child development and strengthen families

  • Develop self-esteem, self-sufficiency, relationship building, and civic participation

  • Help raise and support the attainment of aspirations

  • Support the development of a just, tolerant, healthy and sustainable community

  • Deliver programs in culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate manners